Message From Chairman

Mr. Mohan Bikram Karki - Chairman

I, as the chairman of Super Mai Hydropower Ltd, take great pride to work together with our team in hydropower energy sector which in Nepal is been proclaimed all over by its world’s second highest potentiality. I believe we have small place in the achievement of load-shedding free Nepal in recent years as we have been supplying 7.8MW hydro-electricity to NEA grid lines. Hydroelectric energy is not just the investment sector; it is related to economy of the country. During the development phase it is subject to socio-economic advancement to rural villages, the access road networks, employment opportunities, etc. as most of the projects are located in rural hills. We in our project focus on employment opportunities specifically to locals. And after the electricity production begins, it affects the economy of the country by providing energy to production & industry sector, increasing living standards and development indices. Looking to our constraints, being land locked country and not having distinct alternative energy, hydropower energy is identified best source of energy for Nepal. It is renewable and cheap source of energy. It is of economic advantage to us developers as we get revenue on selling electricity and we secure our investors to receive a good interest on their sum. And the country is benefitted by collecting tax. We are private sector investors and we continue to work to supply growing electricity demand in Nepal. I believe in ‘Go Together for Long Journey’ philosophy, so for this national benefit our team will continue to provide services from our developed hydropower plants and explore for any new opportunities of investment in future.