Corporate Social Responsibility:

Super Mai Hydropower Ltd, beyond  its core hydropower developement activities, cares for the upliftment of the local community, protection of the environment and development of infrastructure in its project areas. As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, Super Mai Hydropower Limited has been supporting the following activities in its project sites:

  • Providing the local youths training and job and enhancing their livelywood and economic grouth.
  • Empowerment of grass root communities by providing them trainings on skill development and income generation.
  • Support to local schools by providing donation for their libraries, sports and extra activities.
  • Assistance for road and play ground construction for local school and Upavokta Samiti.
  • Support in social and environmental mitigation of the project areas.
  • Rural Electrification for needy households.
  • Support to local irrigation facilities.
  • Upgrading the local road infrastructure and regular maintenance of local access road around the project area.
  • Support in construction of community buildings, construction of play ground and Local Ghat Improvements.
  • Medical support to local health post and local Red Cross Society.
  • Internship opportunities for National and International students in the project for their OJT as well as for grouth of Practical Experience.

Steel Bridge for Connecting Soyang and Barbote Ilam

Building constructed for Community Samiti at Gangate Besi Ilam

Local Road Improvement and Maintence by Company

Construction of Playground for Local Community

Access Road Along Pipeline For Community Use

River Protection Works at Various places of Project Area