About Us

Company Introduction:

Super-Mai hydropower project Company is established to develop hydropower managed by the team of diversified well experienced professionals, local and successful businessmen from various disciplines such as Hydropower Developers, Management, Financial Consultants, Engineering, Education, and Public Affairs committed to bring excellence in the corporate and public governance.

Super-Mai hydropower project Ltd. was established on the year of 2071, backed up by leading persons in hydropower developers, finance and industrial sector with the sole purpose of generating energy in safe, cost effective, reliable, efficient and environmentally sound manner using state of the art technologies. The Company aims to generate and supply energy from various sources, mainly by hydropower. In order to pursue this goal, the Company envisage to organize and utilized the financial and technical capabilities available within the country to construct projects one after another to contribute to whatever extent possible to the energy need of nation, and assure attractive return to the investors.

The first (pilot) project of Supar-Mai Hydropower Ltd. is Super-Mai hydropower project (7.8 Mw), which is now commissioning successfully. The Water from Mai Khola is diverted along right bank of Mai Khola to generate 45.91 GWh of energy. The generated energy from Switchyard is evacuated to Godak Sustation through 132 kv Panchakanya transmission by LILO arrangement.

Project Background:

The Super Mai hydropower project is a run-of-the-river (RoR) type Hydropower project located in Ilami district.  It has the installed capacity of 7.8 MW and is generates 45.91 GWh of energy annually after deduction of consumptive use, outage and system losses. Mai Khola is a perennial river having almost steady perennial flow, originating from Dhaulagiri Mountain. It has 40% dependable flow of 7.34 m3/sec, and is adopted as the design discharge of the project.  The net head available for the project is 123.26 m and gross head of 133.3 m.

Mild steel low pressure penstock pipe is used to convey design flow of 7.34 m3/s from settling basin to surge tank. The length of low pressure penstock pipe is 3235m with varying internal diameter is 2.0m, 1.9m, 1.8m. Thickness of the low pressure penstock pipe is 10 mm. Further, penstock pipe measuring 300 m of length with a size of 1.80 m diameter and thickness 10mm to 18mm is constructed. The most of penstock is surface type to convey water from surgetank to the semi surface powerhouse. Semi Surface powerhouse is located at right bank of Mai Khola, The powerhouse has two sets of electromechanical equipment’s such as Francis Turbine-generator set, governor and control systems etc. There is store room, control room, office room and machine hall. The powerhouse structure is an RCC framed structure and its roof is made of CGI sheet in truss structure. The overall dimension of powerhouse is 24.60 m, 16.60 m and 10.00 m in length, width and height respectively. The turbine axis is located at 700.88 m amsl. The tail water level is fixed at 692.2 m amsl.

The project structures lies in three VDCs, namely, Sumbek, Soyang and Barbote VDC of Ilam District. The project’s headworks site is spread in Sumbek and Soyang VDC, and powerhouse site is located at Barbote VDC. The project encompasses an area between latitude 26°56′27″ N to 26°58′00″ N and longitude 87°56′27″ E to 87°58′00″ E.